Vizeo Solutions

Videoprotection pour transportation

Guarantee security of thousands of travelers, carriers and their goods requires
a complete video surveillance solution, efficient and flexible.

transport enjeux sécurité
transport solution vizeo vidéo surveillance
transport solution vizeo vidéo surveillance

Caméras IP Onvif Vizeo

Offer the best performance and ensure better longevity with a very competitive price compared to analogue installations. With up to 5 megapixels, zoom in the image without loss of quality zoom in the image without loss of quality. The housings are anti vandal and watertight for outdoor and indoor use

solution IP vizeo

IR smart function and eclipse

Recognition at night license plates and people over long distances glare free in the foreground or strong external light sources (ex: car lights).

solution smart IR vizeo

Cameras Ultra-visions IP

0 blind spot with a single high definition camera. Vision 360 °, with PTZ navigation in the image extraction and up to 7 customizable views.

solution vizeo 360 ip

Mobile DVR

Compact recorder boarding an vehicle equipped with a GPS, a 3G and WiFi antenna. For order to store in difficult conditions and consult with the images live remote on smartphone, tablet and PC with Myvizeo.

solution mobile vizeo

Free operating software, Myvizeo

Oversee remotely different sites on a simple and friendly interface. With the functions: Live play, replay, control, alarm management, etc.

solution myvizeo logiciel supervision

Operating software tailored to your needs, Myvizeo system

A previous study, we develop software tailored to each video surveillance project which brings together in a single interface all the security systems Video, alarm, access control, intercom, sound system ...) Our softwares can at the customer's request, collect information (Ex. Call the intercom), interact and communicate with the different systems (ex. video pop up on the input, remote opening of the door).

solution myvizeo system logiciel
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