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Videoprotection for Hight end security

Large infrastructures involving a health risk to their salaried and surrounding inhabitants are exposed to many threats : terrorism, vandalism, theft ... The areas to be protected arecomplex as large, framed by strict safety regulations on a tight budget. And asks simplified maintenance for the exploitation of the security system by their employees.

Entreprise enjeux sécurité
Entreprise solution vizeo vidéo surveillance
Entreprise solution vizeo vidéo surveillance

ONVIF IP cameras Vizeo

Offer the best performance and ensure better longevity with a very competitive price compared to analogue installations. With up to 5 megapixels, zoom in the image without loss of quality zoom in the image without loss of quality. The housings are anti vandal and watertight for outdoor and indoor use.

solution IP vizeo

ONVIF open technology

Our solutions integrate all transparencies to existing infrastructures with the free protocol Onvif (Open Network Video Interface Forum) used by a large number of vidéoprotection brand.

solution onvif vizeo

Dôme tracking

Cover up without an operator a wide zone with zoom and automatic tracking of people and moving vehicles.

solution tracking vizeo

Reuse the coaxial cable

During an update of an installation with IP cameras, you can use the existing coaxial cables by adding adapters RJ45 to BNC (RJCOAX) . An economical solution that allows you to save time.

solution RJ45 coaxial vizeo

Free operating software, Myvizeo

Oversee remotely different sites on a simple and friendly interface. With the functions: Live play, replay, control, alarm management, etc. .

solution myvizeo logiciel supervision

Operating software tailored to your needs, Myvizeo system

A previous study, we develop software tailored to each video surveillance project which brings together in a single interface all the security systems Video, alarm, access control, intercom, sound system ...) Our softwares can at the customer's request, collect information (Ex. Call the intercom), interact and communicate with the different systems (ex. video pop up on the input, remote opening of the door).

solution myvizeo system logiciel
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