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Mon projet vidéo

Job application offered in video protection

Mon projet vidéo is a free smartphone application, available on Android and iOS (Apple), for quickly create a solid quote with photo. The application provides for each project the most suitable cameras demand and as well asthe required recorder following the selected configuration. It will allow all installer gain confidence and time in creating quote.)


3 steps

1. Picture

Take photos in the location of future cameras with a smartphone .


2. Recompose

Identify needs ( general observation or face recognition ) and crop photos taken .


3. Send

Confirm the selection of the cameras and recorders recommended and send your project at your distrubutor for an encryption



Presets cameras

Automatic preset cameras adapted to project needs (distance shooting, desired framing, etc.)

Presets recorders

Automatic selection of the recorder with respect to selected cameras.

HDD capacity Council

Indication of the storage space needed for saving hard disk videos.

Export PDF

Export the project PDF personalized with your contact information for your business processes, technical and administrative.

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