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The HDCVI, HDCVI, AHD, HD SDI and IP are all video protection technology for displaying High Definition in flux.
The HDCVI is a technology for passing the video,audio and telemetry on coaxial cable. The resolutions of 720p (1.3Mpx) to 1080p (2Mpx). The owner is HDCVI he need to have all the equipment of the same brand.
The HDCVI is similar to HDCVI but allows for longer distance.
The AHD is similar to HDCVI and HDCVI but supports longer distance.
The HDSDI requires a private coaxial cable. This technology is less widespread.
The IP is a universal technology, which allows to increase the video audio and telemetry in a single cable Category 5, 6 or 7, and alimentation (if equipment PoE). At the wiring, the use of switches allows for very long distance. Resolutions are superior to other technologies ranging from 720p to 4K.

VIZEO has selected IP technology and its common protocol ONVIF. (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a global standard for the interface of IP-based security products, such as IP cameras, video management platforms (VMS NVR) and access control systems.
By choosing VIZEO, you are sure of the durability over time of equipment, as well as compatibility with all ONVIF cameras.
3D DNR: DNR Technology is a digital noise reduction system. It allows the elimination of noise in the image without altering the definition and corrects blurring generated by moving objects. The image produced remains perfectly clear, without loss of definition or sudden movements focus..
WDR: In conditions of high contrast, such as a backlight scene, this function allows the capture and display cleanly and details, both in the light and dark areas.
BLC: This feature compensates the light against the light. This technology is essential when the surveillance camera is placed facing a window or face an exit door leading outside. It is integrated into most of our security cameras.
ROI: This allows the cameras to reduce the image quality non-return on investment to save bandwidth and maximum storage. These regions of interest will be transmitted intelligently with better image quality and detail in streaming bit rate identical conditions
Eclipse: This is a function to identify and compensate for areas exposed to strong light whose source is located in front of the camera. It poses a "cache" on these areas to enhance the display of the details of underexposed areas.


Yes, just add a pair of EoC (PoE or not), and you change your IP signal on your coax. The reference is: RJCOAX.
In IP, the maximum distance is 90/100 meters. For distances greater, just put all the meters 90/100 switch or PoE extender.


If you have strong backlight,we recommend to use cameras with the WDR function and / or HLC / Eclispe.


In the absence of hard drive, your recorder will beep at startup. For it, connect a hard disk, then format in the section dedicated to your recorder.
If the BEEP continues, check the event log which is the cause to the problem.
On your recorder, go to Reading , or choose the desired cameras, the date and time, and start the search. The cameras will automatically synchronize to facilitate the reading of the event.


Each box is different, but the principle remains the same.
For understand,just imagine being a factor that wishes to deliver a recommended in a building. The building, this is your external IP, the ports, this is the number of the apartment door.
If this information is not indicated, we can not view images.
You will find below a tutorial to teach you to open ports: tutorial
Our technicians can make you this benefit (charge) by contacting us by phone at +33(0)472122796 (Not surcharged local call) from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h and 13h30 to 17h.
Our recorders and cameras incorporate a dynamic DNS service.
Dynamic DNS are domain names (the "monserveur.vizeo.fr" type) connected to a dynamic IP address. This system is extremely convenient when it comes to create a personal web server, accessible quickly via a domain name, while your IP address changes generally every 24 hours (for security reasons).
We offer our free Dynamic DNS server on: ddns.vizeo.eu ,but there are also other provider.

Software and Applications

Whether on PC, Tablet or Smartphone, you must download the application MyVizeo.
This application developed by our engineers, est systématiquement à jour, and allows you, whatever the age of your devices, check your cameras and VIZEO recorder.
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